Angle Heads for CNC Machining Centers Manufacturer in China

As a leading manufacturer based in China, we specialize in crafting high-quality, precision-engineered angle heads designed specifically for CNC milling applications. We have a range of standard and customized angle milling heads.

Angle Heads for CNC Milling

Angle heads play a pivotal role in CNC machining, offering a dynamic solution for precise milling operations. Our angle heads provide the ability to access challenging angles, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of CNC milling processes.

We take pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality tools that elevate your machining processes. Elevate your CNC milling capabilities with our precision-crafted Angle Heads. Trust in our expertise to take your precision machining to new heights.

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Different Types of Angle Milling Heads

An angle head in CNC milling refers to a tool attachment that enables machining at various angles, expanding the versatility of milling processes. Explore our diverse range of angle heads designed to meet specific machining needs:
Fixed 90° Angle Heads

Fixed 90° Angle Heads

Right angle heads provide a stable milling solution, ensuring precise machining at right angles. Ideal for rigid applications, they enhance machining accuracy and efficiency on CNC mills.

adjustable Angle Heads

Adjustable Angle Heads

Offering adaptability, adjustable angle heads enable dynamic milling at various angles. Operators can easily modify the head’s position, enhancing flexibility in CNC machining processes.

heavy duty angle heads

Heavy Duty Angle Head

Machining center special heavy cutting angle head one spindle for BT50 or BT40, output for BT40. Heavy-duty angle head for gantry – BT50 and BT50 output.

Light/Mini Angle Head

Light angle head is positioned with a positioning block, and the output is usually a collet clamp knife, commonly used for light cutting processing. It with spindle BT50 or BT40 and output ER40, ER32, ER25, ER20, and so on.

ER 20 universal type angle head

Universal Type Angle Heads

Universally compatible, these heads suit various CNC milling machines. One light universal can rotate 0-180 degrees, heavy universal can rotate 360 degrees.

Double Output Angle Heads

Dual Output Angle Heads

Featuring two outputs, dual output milling heads enhance productivity by allowing simultaneous machining on multiple surfaces. This design optimizes CNC milling efficiency, reducing processing time for complex components.

Offset Slim Angle Heads

Offset Slim Angle Heads

Tailored for space-conscious machining, offset slim milling heads combine offset capabilities with a slender profile. This design is advantageous in CNC milling scenarios where access to confined spaces is crucial for precise machining.

no-standard offset angle head

No-Standard Offset Angle Heads

Non-standard offset angle head is specialized tooling accessories used in CNC milling, designed for applications requiring unique offsets beyond conventional standards. We can customize mill heads of different lengths.

Angle Heads Machine Tools Application Scenarios

  • Precision workpieces are fixed at one time and need to be processed on multiple surfaces;
  • When there is a hole in the hole, the milling head or other tools cannot penetrate into the hole to process the small hole;
  • Oblique holes, oblique grooves, etc. that cannot be processed by three-axis machine tools, such as oil cylinders and internal holes in box shells
  • When a circle of holes needs to be machined on the periphery of a circular workpiece, complete automation can be achieved with fourth-axis machining.
  • When the side needs to be processed in a variety of processes, automatic tool change can be realized with multiple tools.
  • When processing at any angle relative to the datum plane.
applications of CNC angle head

Features of CNC Angle Heads

  • Versatility: Angle head holders offer versatility, allowing for milling operations at various angles, and expanding the range of machining possibilities.
  • Precision Machining: These tools enable precision machining by providing accurate angular adjustments, ensuring the desired outcome in complex milling tasks.
  • Compact Design: With a compact design, angle heads facilitate access to confined spaces, enhancing flexibility in milling applications.
  • Sturdy Construction: The body is made of ductile cast iron with high tensile strength. It can ensure stability and reliability during machining operations.
  • Ease of Installation: Designed for user-friendly installation, these tools enhance operational efficiency and reduce downtime in CNC milling setups.
  • Components: Some angle head holders come with interchangeable components, offering modularity for adaptability to diverse machining needs.
  • Compatibility: These tools are compatible with various CNC milling machines, providing a versatile solution for different workshop setups.
  • Efficient Chip Evacuation: Specialized designs focus on efficient chip evacuation, preventing chip buildup, and enhancing overall machining productivity.

how do we control the quality?

CMM Inspection: Utilize CMM to perform precise measurements, verifying dimensional accuracy and adherence to design specifications. Verify and confirm that the angle milling heads meet specified tolerance levels, ensuring precision in machining operations.

Detailed Inspection Reports: Generate comprehensive inspection reports detailing the results of material and dimensional assessments, providing transparency and documentation of quality control processes.

ISO Certification: Ensure compliance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, attesting to the angle milling heads’ quality and adherence to industry-recognized benchmarks.

Why choose us as your China manufacturer?

Selecting us for your angle head needs guarantees access to cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence. Our angle heads are crafted with precision and versatility in mind, offering a diverse range of options for various CNC milling machines.

You can choose a suitable series and type for drilling, tapping, milling, or grooving according to your machining demand. We adhere to the highest quality standards, ensuring each product undergoes meticulous inspection and complies with ISO certification.

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1. Generally, the angle head adopts non-contact oil seals. lf cooling water is used during the machining process, it is necessary to run it before spraying water and adjust the direction of the cooling water nozzle to spray water towards the cutting tool, which can avoid the possibility of cooling water seeping into the body and extend the service life.

2. Avoid prolonged continuous machining operation at maximum speed.

3. Refer to the parameter characteristics of each model of angle head and use it under appropriate processing conditions.

4. Before use, it is necessary to confirm a few minutes of trial operation to heat up the engine. During each processing, it is necessary to select the appropriate speed and feed for processing, The rotational speed, feed rate, and cutting depth during machining should be adjusted gradually until maximum machining efficiency is achieved.

5. When processing standard angle heads, it is necessary to avoid materials that may produce dust and particles (such as graphite, carbon, magnesium, and other composite materials)

6. The angle head should be regularly maintained and maintained during use based on actual processing and usage

Our mill heads are manufactured using high-quality materials such as hardened steel and alloy metals. These materials provide durability, resistance to wear, and overall reliability, ensuring long-lasting performance in CNC milling operations.

Yes, angle head can be customized to fit various CNC machining centers. Different options are available to tailor the angle head to specific machine requirements, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

The Angle head contributes to increased machining efficiency through their innovative design features, including improved chip evacuation, reduced setup times, and enhanced precision. These elements collectively optimize the CNC milling process, resulting in higher productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Get High-Quality Angle Head for CNC Machines

Upgrade your CNC machining capabilities with our high-quality angle milling head. Precision-engineered for optimal performance, our angle heads enhance accuracy and flexibility in your milling operations. Customizable to fit specific CNC machines, these heads ensure versatility and efficiency. Elevate your machining processes with cutting-edge technology and durable materials.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and explore the tailored solutions we offer. Don’t compromise on precision – choose our angle mill head for reliable, top-tier performance. Experience the difference in quality and efficiency. Reach out now to take your CNC machining to the next level!