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VDI tool holders are one of our specialties. We offer VDI live tool holders with different features and specifications. Each VDI driven tool holder must be checked by precision measuring instruments to meet our quality control standards.

VDI live tool holders for CNC lathe

Live tool holders are an essential part of any CNC lathe. As a China manufacturer of CNC tool holders, we specialize in manufacturing VDI live tool holders for CNC turning centers. Our products are made of high-quality material and are precision machined to provide optimum performance and long life.

Meanwhile, our VDI axial and VDI radial driven tool holders are available in various sizes and designs to suit the different applications. We also offer custom-made tool holders to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

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types of VDI driven tool holders

Our VDI power tool holders are all up to standard. We have the following standard VDI power tool holders.

DIN 5480 VDI llive tool holders

VDI DIN 5480

VDI DIN 5482 live tool holders

DIN 5482

VDI live DIN 1809 tool holders

VDI DIN 1089

dimensions of VDI live tool holders

Toolholdernow offers a full line of VDI quick change precision CNC lathe tool holders. Our tool holders are available in diameters from 20 to 80 mm.

And VDI driven tool holders are available for applications ranging from classic CNC lathes to highly complex turning and milling centers.

Up to now, we have customized VDI live tool holders of various shaft diameters, including: VDI30, VDI40, VDI50, VDI60.

VDI live tool holders

why choose us as you VDI driven tool holders China manufacturer?

Conformity to standards

First, we manufacture our VDI driven tool holders strictly following DIN 5480, DIN5482, and DIN 1809 standards. It ensures that our products meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

High precision manufacturing

Second, we use high-precision manufacturing techniques to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Each product is hardened, ground, and blackened to meet our quality control standards.

fast prototyping

Third, we offer fast prototyping services to our customers so that they can see the finished product before large volume production begins.

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live VDI tool holders FAQs

VDI40 live tool holders are used on CNC lathes for various drilling, tapping, and milling operations.

VDI40 is the size of the taper mount used with these holders.

The most common VDI40 live tool holder is the straight shank type.

Other VDI40 holders include the angle type, which is used for milling operations, and the step type, which is used for drilling and tapping operations.

VDI60 live tool holders are used on CNC lathes to hold tools for turning, drilling, and milling operations.

The VDI system is a standardized interface that allows tool holders to be quickly swapped out, saving time and improving productivity.

VDI60 holders are designed for use with 60 mm diameter shanks and have various features.

For example, VDI60 holders feature internal coolant channels that help to keep tools cool during extended cutting operations.

In addition, VDI60 holders are compatible with various static and driven tooling options, making them extremely versatile.

As a result, VDI60 live tool holders are essential to any turning center setup.

VDI30 live tool holders are precision-machined devices that securely hold tools in place on a turning center.

They are compatible with 30-sized tools and feature various shapes and styles to suit the needs of any operator.

Yes, we provide VDI axial and radial live tool holders.

A VDI axial live tool holder is mounted on the spindle of a lathe or milling machine and consists of a chuck that holds the tool in place and a motor that rotates the tool.

VDI radial live tool holders have a rotating spindle perpendicular to the machine’s table.

Whichever one you choose, we can meet your needs.

Looking for custom VDI live tool holders China manufacturer?

If you are looking for high quality VDI driven tool holders China manufacturer, then please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide you with a quote. Thank you for your interest in our products.