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Precision CNC tool holders for Swiss turning center custom manufacturer in China

built for precision machining process

We are a global technology and quality leader and manufacturer of precision CNC tool holders.

Furthermore, we specialize in developing and producing high-precision static and live tool blocks for all CNC lathes, Swiss turning centers, and CNC machining centers.

Our product range extends from static BMT, VDI, and driven holders to highly complex customer-specific individual solutions.

cnc machining tool holders

custom CNC lathe tool holders

As one of precision CNC tool holders suppliers in China, we offer a diverse range of products. Our product range includes VDI holders with shaft diameters from 16 to 80 mm and BMT holders from BMT45-BMT85.

They are all suitable for MAZAK, Doosan, or Okuma, to name a few. We can customize a solution for precision tool blocks based on your drawings.

static tool holder

We offer a wide range of static tool blocks that are the right choice for your BMT and VDI static tool holder requirements.

live tool holder

Our live tooling holders are suitable for all manufacturers’ CNC turning and milling centers. And they excel in performance and longevity.

BMT tool holders

It comes in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different tools. We offer a range of BMT static and live holders: BMT45, 55, 65, 75, and 85.

VDI tool holders

The static holders conform to DIN 69880, and the driven holders conform to DIN5480, DIN5482, DIN1809.

Different Types of CNC machines tool holders

We can manufacture tool blocks to match different turret brands.

how do we control the quality?

quality inspection

First of all, we offer precision 3, 4, and 5-axis machining services. As a result, we can make a variety of precision and complex Swiss lathe tool holders.

Our expert machinists and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to maintain the tightest tolerances. Our grinding process can maintain machining tolerances of ±.0001″ or even ±.00001″.

Secondly, we have two state-of-the-art CMM machines with all the fixtures and tips to check the multi-axis dimensions. It is crucial to monitor production quality to ensure parts meet design specifications for use in critical applications.

Why choose us as your China manufacturer?

Low to High Volume

First of all, we can handle both low and high-volume orders. Whether you need a few hundred tool blocks or a few thousand, we can provide them quickly and efficiently.

Tight Tolerances

Second, we're able to work with tight tolerances. And we have strict quality standards, so we guarantee that all our products meet the highest precision, functional safety, and size accuracy.

Top quality

In addition, our quality assurance system is multi-layered: component inspection is performed at every step of the manufacturing process. And at the end of the manufacturing process, the entire unit is subjected to detailed functional tests.

China manufacturer of tool holders

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