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We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality BMT live tool holders in China. We offer a wide range of products for all your machining needs, from axial to radial live tool holders.

BMT live tool holder for turning centers

As a manufacturer of tool holders, we provide BMT live and static tool holders for turning centers. These holders are designed to provide optimal performance and durability, and our commitment to quality backs them.

Our BMT driven tool holders are available in various sizes and configurations and compatible with a wide range of turning centers. Whether you need a standard holder or a custom solution, we can help.

CNC machining BMT tool holders

different sizes of bMT driven tool holders

BMT live tool holders come in various sizes to accommodate different projects. We can customize various BMT live tool holders for Doosan machines according to your specific needs. We also can customize high-quality BMT radial and BMT axial tool holders.

bmt45 live tool holder

BMT45 live tool holder

bmt55 live tool holder

BMT55 live tool holder

bmt65 live tool holder

BMT65 live tool holder

bmt75 live tool holder

BMT75 live tool holder

why choose us as you BMT driven tool holders China manufacturer?

years of experience

We have been in this industry for ten years and have rich experience in helping you customize BMT driven tool holders. We know how to make high-quality live tool holders quickly and efficiently.


CMM and OMM are both inspection methods used in our quality control process. These two methods allow us to ensure that our live tool holders meet the highest quality standards.

fast prototyping

We know that our customers need fast prototyping, and we can provide that. We can turn around a prototype in as little as two weeks.

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live BMT tool holders FAQs

BMT axial live tool holder is a device that helps to securely hold a tool in place while it is in use.

The axial live tool holder consists of two parts: a base and a chuck.

The base is mounted on the machine, and the chuck is attached to the tool.

Axial-driven tool holders ensure that the tool is held at a consistent angle and prevents the tool from slipping during use.

In addition, the axial driven tool holder can be easily adjusted to accommodate different sizes and shapes of tools.

BMT radial live tool holders are particularly useful when radial alignment is important.

Their defining feature is that the axis of the cutting tool is radial to the spindle centerline.

This radial alignment allows for precise cutting and machining, making radial live tool holders essential for specific applications.

If your machining application requires radial alignment, then radial live tool holders are the way to go.

Bmt65 live tool holders allow for quick and easy multiple-axis positioning of cutting tools, making them ideal for complex machining operations.

And bmt65 live tool holders are also precision-machined to ensure accuracy and repeatability, making them perfect for high-precision machining applications.

In addition, bmt65 tool holders are available in various sizes and styles. So, you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Some features to look for in VDI live tool holders include:

– A robust construction that can withstand high speeds and heavy loads.

– A variety of different chuck sizes to accommodate different tooling.

– A wide range of rotation speeds to suit your specific application.

– An integral coolant system to keep your tools cool during extended use.

Looking for custom BMT live tool holders China manufacturer?

With our custom machining capabilities, we can create BMT driven tool holders to suit your exact specifications. Contatc us to learn more about our products.