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As a leading precision CNC static tool holders manufacturer in China , we offer a large selection of fixed tool holders for turning centers. The range offers standard VDI and BMT static tools, including boring bar holder, cut-off , OD , and facing tool holders. In addition, we offer many custom tool holders solutions for almost any customer.

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BMT static tool holders

presicion BMT static tool holders for CNC turning centers

We offer a wide range of precision BMT static tools for the latest design technology and quality standards. We use only the best materials for our BMT tool holders. And we offer OD BMT, facing, boring bar tool holders in various sizes.

When the tool block is mounted to the turret, our technician tightens the tool holder with four screws. The tool holder is positioned and secured by a positioning key on the face of the holder.

presicion VDI static tool holders for CNC turning centers

The precision manufacturing allows our VDI fixed tool holders to run longer and at higher speeds. We offer all static VDI tool holders in sizes 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, and 80mm, and all fixed VDI tool holders conform to DIN 69880/ISO 10889.

In addition, our static VDI tool holders are available in axial and radial versions. Therefore, you can mount the VDI tool holders on the turret’s outer circumference or the turret or the surface of the turret. 

VDI static tool holders

different types of static tool holders

We offer a wide range of precision static tool holders for CNC lathe. Our static lathe tool holders are individually suitable for each turning center and are the highest precision.

As a result, you can take full advantage of the total capacity of your machine.

boring bar tool holder

boring bar tool holders

OD tool holder

OD tool holders

multiple boring bar holders

multiple boring bar

how do we control the quality of static tool holders?

Static lathe tool holders are an essential component of any machining operation. They provide stability and support necessary to make sure precision and accuracy.

First, all materials used in our products are sourced, tested, and certified in China to ensure the best quality and performance. And our VDI static tool holder meets DIN 69880.

Second, we make sure to properly blacken and grind our fixed tool holders to ensure that they are strong and durable.

Finally, we have two advanced CMM machines. They are equipped with all fixtures and tips to check multi-axis dimensions.

quality control

why choose us as you static tool holders China manufacturer?

Manufactured in China

We are a professional static tool holder manufacturer in China with over ten years of experience. We use high-quality materials to make products.

High standard

We manufacture all our fixed toolholders according to the new ISO 10889 standard. This ensures that they are available with the highest level of care and accuracy.

Tight tolerance

Our static tools are individually designed for each turning center and are manufactured with the highest precision. We use Zeiss three-coordinate detection to make sure the accuracy reaches 0.01mm.

custom manufacturing

We offer various static standard holders, and our prices are competitive. We also offer custom machining services to meet your specific needs. 

static lathe tool holders FAQs

Static tool blocks are mounted on the machine’s spindle and do not move during operation.

This holder is typically used for drilling, reaming, and tapping operations.

Live tool holders are attached to a turret and rotate with the spindle.

These holders are often used for milling and turning operations.

One advantage of using live tool holders is that they can help to reduce vibration and improve accuracy.

Another benefit is that they offer more flexibility in terms of tool selection.

In many cases, driven tooling holders can be quickly swapped out, allowing the machine to be quickly reconfigured for different tasks.

As a result, driven tool holders are often the preferred choice for high-volume production runs.

At our company, we are proud to offer a wide range of fixed tools for Mazak and Doosan machines.

Our Mazak BMT static tool holders are made from the finest materials and are designed to provide a precise fit on all Mazak machine models.

We also offer a wide selection of Doosan BMT static tool holders compatible with all Doosan machine models.

Whether you need custom or standard holders, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our fixed tool holder products.

Yes, we provide.

BMT45 static tool holders securely hold small diameter tools in place while machining.

These tool holders’ design helps minimize the risk of the tool becoming dislodged and causing injury.

The main feature of BMT45 is their concentricity.

It ensures that the tool’s cutting edge is always perpendicular to the workpiece, providing a smooth and accurate finish.

The BMT65 fixed tool holder is a specialized tool designed for use with CNC machines.

It holds and operates cutting tools in a static (non-rotating) fashion, allowing for precise and repeatable cuts.

The BMT65 is constructed from high-quality materials, and its hardened steel jaws provide a secure grip on cutting tools.

In addition, the BMT65 features an integrated coolant system that helps to keep cutting tools cool during operation.

It helps to extend tool life and minimize potential damage to the workpiece.

Overall, the BMT65 is an essential tool for any shop that uses CNC machines.

Cut-off tool holders are an essential part of CNC turning centers. They hold and operate cutting tools, such as end mills and reamers.

Cut-off holders are designed for use with a wide range of milling and turning machines, and they offer many benefits over other types of tool holders.

Perhaps the most important advantage of static cut-off holders is their rigidity.

When machining materials such as aluminum or brass, it is vital that the cutting tool is held securely in place to prevent vibration and ensure a consistent cut.

Cut-off holders are precision-machined from high-strength steel, which can withstand even the most demanding machining applications.

The main features of BMT55 are its rigidity, accuracy, and repeatability. 

It is made of high-quality materials that can withstand the high temperatures generated during machining. 

It has a precise ground surface that ensures consistent results.

The BMT55 is also easy to use and can be mounted on any standard machine tool.

A boring bar holder is a device that holds a boring bar in place during machining operations. It ensures that the boring bar is held securely to perform its job accurately and efficiently.

The high-precision heads of our boring bar holders are robustly designed for heavy cutting and precise bore sizes for high volume production.

Also, our boring bar holders use industry-standard boring bars, which reduces the need for special tooling.

The tool bore is ground concentrically with the shank and can be used for opening holes.

In addition, the double bore is designed to accommodate a larger range of bore diameters. All moving parts on this tool holder are hardened and ground.

In conclusion, we have many different boring bar tool holders, each with unique features and benefits. They are specifically designed for use with CNC machining centers.

OD tool holders typically have a built-in coolant system that can help to keep tools from overheating during extended periods of use.

In addition, many OD tool holders have quick-change mechanisms that allow for quick and easy changes without needing special wrenches or other tools.

As a result, OD tool holders can help to increase productivity and efficiency in any machining operation.

A facing tool holder is a device that helps to hold a facing tool in place. It is an essential part of many turning centers.

It is typically used in machining applications where it is important to keep the facing tool securely in place.

There are several different facing tool holders, each with its unique set of features.

Some common features include a chuck, a collet, and a clamp.

The chuck is used to hold the facing tool in place, while the collet helps to secure the facing tool to the chuck.

The clamp is used to keep the facing tool from moving during operation.

Turning and facing tools can be locked together. It can save time and labor when changing operations.

We offer fixed and driven multiple boring bar holders.

The multiple tool holder allows the production of more complex and comprehensive workpieces on a turning center with Y-axis. And it will not change the machine settings.

As a result, it reduces set-up and production time and multiplies productivity.

Looking for custom static lathe tool holders China manufacturer?

We offer a wide range of static tool blocks. These CNC lathe tool holders are manufactured specifically for each machine model to make sure that machine functionality is fully utilized. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.