What Are the Different Types of BMT Tool Holders?

Types of BMT Tool Holders

BMT tool holders play a crucial role in CNC machining, providing stability and precision in tooling operations. In this blog, we will explore the various types of BMT tool holders and delve into their specific applications. Understanding these different types can help you optimize your CNC machining processes and achieve superior results.

What Are BMT Tool Holders?

BMT tool holders, also known as Base Mount Tooling holders, only are suitable for BMT turrets. They offer several advantages over other tool holder systems. Tool holders have three main parts: the taper, the flange, and the collet pocket. They ensure exceptional rigidity, reduce vibration, and provide improved tool life. These factors are vital for achieving high-quality machining outputs.

Different Sizes of BMT Tool Holders


Description and dimensions: BMT45 tool holders can accommodate tools with a shank diameter of 45 mm.

Ideal applications and industries: They excel in applications such as milling, drilling, and tapping, commonly found in the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries.

Benefits and unique features: BMT 45 tool holders offer excellent radial and axial tool stability, promoting precise machining operations and reducing tool deflection.


Description and dimensions: BMT55 tool holders can support tools with a shank diameter of 55 mm.

Specific use cases and industries: They are suitable for heavy-duty machining applications, including large-part machining in industries like oil and gas, construction, and power generation.

Advantages and features: BMT 55 tool holders provide increased rigidity, minimizing tool chatter and ensuring optimal cutting performance.

BMT55 static tool holders


Overview and dimensions: BMT65 tool holders are capable of accommodating tools with a shank diameter of 65 mm.

Application areas and industries: BMT 65 tool holders find extensive use in machining large workpieces, such as turbine components, in the energy, marine, and heavy machinery sectors.

Notable advantages and features: BMT 65 tool holders offer exceptional stability, facilitating precise machining and reducing the risk of tool breakage.


Introduction and dimensions: BMT75 tool holders can support tools with a shank diameter of 75 mm.

The diverse range of applications and industries: They are commonly suitable for high-performance machining operations, including aerospace structural components, molds, and die production.

Key benefits and features: BMT 75 tool holders provide superior rigidity and damping properties, resulting in enhanced surface finish and extended tool life.

Specific Applications of BMT Tool Holders

A. BMT Boring Tool Holders

Description and functionality: BMT boring tool holders are specialized tool holders used for precision boring operations.

Applications: They are crucial in industries requiring high-precision boring, such as automotive engine manufacturing, aerospace, and hydraulic component production.

Advantages and considerations: BMT boring tool holders ensure stability, accuracy, and increased productivity in demanding boring applications.

BMT boring bar holder

B. BMT Facing Tool Holders

Overview and purpose: BMT facing tool holders can perform facing operations accurately and efficiently.

Industries and applications: They find applications in various industries, including automotive, general engineering, and metal fabrication, for facing flat surfaces and achieving precise machining results.

Noteworthy features and advantages: BMT facing tool holders offer exceptional rigidity, smooth cutting performance, and improved surface finish.

facing tool holder

C. BMT OD Tool Holders

Description and functionality: BMT OD (Outer Diameter) tool holders are suitable for machining the outer surfaces of workpieces.

Applications: They are commonly suitable for industries like aerospace, oil and gas, and automotive for operations such as turning, threading, and grooving.

Benefits and considerations: BMT OD tool holders provide excellent clamping force, minimizing tool slippage and ensuring accurate machining results.

OD tool holder

D. BMT Cut-Off Tool Holders

Introduction and role: BMT cut-off tool holders are designed specifically for parting and cut-off operations.

Industries and applications: They are essential in industries such as automotive, medical devices, and general manufacturing for efficient and precise parting-off applications.

Features and advantages: BMT cut-off tool holders offer stability, tool longevity, and enhanced chip evacuation, resulting in improved productivity.

cut-off tool holder

How to Select the Right BMT Tool Holder?

When choosing the appropriate types of BMT tool holders for your CNC machining operations, you should consider several important factors. Here is a list of key considerations to keep in mind:

Compatibility: Ensure that the BMT tool holder is compatible with your CNC machine and tooling system. Check the specifications and requirements of your machine to ensure a proper fit.

Tool Size and Shank Diameter: Consider the size of the tools you will be using with the BMT tool holder. Different BMT tool holders can accommodate specific shank diameters. Select a tool holder that matches the shank diameter of your tools.

Machining Application: Evaluate the specific machining application for which you require the tool holder. Different BMT tool holders are designed for various operations such as milling, drilling, boring, facing, OD machining, or cut-off. Choose a tool holder that aligns with your specific machining needs.

Precision Requirements: Determine the level of precision required for your machining operations. Some applications demand high precision, while others may have more lenient tolerances. Select a BMT tool holder that can deliver the necessary precision for your application.

Cutting Forces: Consider the magnitude of cutting forces involved in your machining operations. Heavy-duty machining may require a more robust and rigid BMT tool holder to handle the increased forces without compromising stability and accuracy.

Tool Change Mechanism: Evaluate the tool change mechanism of the BMT tool holder. Efficient and quick tool changes can significantly reduce downtime and improve productivity. Look for tool holders with user-friendly and reliable tool change mechanisms.

Tool Clamping Mechanism: Pay attention to the clamping mechanism of the BMT tool holder. A secure and reliable clamping system ensures tool stability during machining, reducing the risk of tool deflection or breakage. Look for tool holders with robust clamping mechanisms.

Material Compatibility: Consider the materials you will be machining. Some BMT tool holders can perform better with specific materials, such as aluminum, steel, or exotic alloys. Choose a tool holder that is optimized for the materials you commonly work with.

Tool Life and Cost: Evaluate the expected tool life and overall cost-effectiveness of the BMT tool holder. Long tool life can reduce tooling costs and increase productivity. Assess the performance and durability of the tool holder to ensure it aligns with your cost-efficiency goals.

User Experience and Support: Consider the overall user experience and available support for the BMT tool holder. Look for reputable manufacturers or suppliers who provide technical assistance, documentation, and responsive customer support.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select the right BMT tool holder that meets your specific requirements, enhances machining performance, and ultimately contributes to successful CNC operations.

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Understanding the different types of BMT tool holders and their applications is essential for achieving optimal results in CNC machining. Whether it’s BMT boring tool holders, facing tool holders, OD tool holders, or cut-off tool holders, each type serves a specific purpose and contributes to precision, stability, and improved productivity. By selecting the right BMT tool holder for your application, you can enhance machining performance and deliver high-quality results consistently.

FAQs About BMT Tool Holders

What Is The Significance Of BMT Tool Holders In CNC Machining?

BMT tool holders provide stability, precision, and improved tool life in CNC machining, ensuring high-quality outputs and increased productivity.

What Are The Advantages Of BMT Tool Holders Over Other Tool Holder Systems?

BMT tool holders offer exceptional rigidity, reduced vibration, and improved cutting performance, resulting in enhanced machining accuracy and extended tool life.

How Do BMT Tool Holders Contribute To Specific Machining Operations?

BMT tool holders have various types tailored for specific applications, such as boring, facing, OD machining, and cut-off operations, ensuring optimal performance in each operation.

Which Industries Can Benefit From BMT Tool Holders?

Industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, general engineering, and medical devices can benefit from BMT tool holders in their precision machining processes.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Selecting The Types of BMT Tool Holders?

Factors such as compatibility with CNC machines, precision requirements, cutting forces, and tool change mechanisms should be considered when choosing the appropriate BMT tool holder.

How Can BMT Tool Holders Improve Productivity And Cost-Efficiency?

By providing stability, precision, and extended tool life, BMT tool holders reduce tooling costs, minimize downtime, and enhance machining efficiency, resulting in improved productivity and cost savings.

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